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Clay Desiccant


Clay Desiccant


Clay desiccant is also called montmorillonite desiccant, known as a greendesiccantsachets product due to its absolute safety and 100% environmental friendliness. It is non-toxic andnon-rusty,containing no any resolvable material and calcium chloride.

Uni-Pak clay desiccant is designed and produced based on “Unit” according tothestandards of DIN55473 and MIL-D-3464E. Topsorb has strict quality control for its adsorption capacity, strength,dustetc. With our own bentonite mine, the bentonite clay we use as absorbent has more than 95% montmorillonite inpurity,much higher than other clay desiccant products at home and abroad. Its adsorption reaches 18%~20% at 40%RH.Thepackage of laminated non-woven we use has excellent strength and tight structure to avoid damage and dustpollution.

Specification sheet:

Specification Pack Size(mm) Weight(g) Packaging Qty (pcs/ctn) Remarks
1/6Unit 45*60 6 1800 3-Side Sealed
1/3 Unit 55*75 11 1000 3-Side Sealed
1/2 Unit 55*80 17 600 3-Side Sealed
1 Unit 65*90 33 400 Back Sealed
2 Unit 75*120 66 200 Back Sealed
4 Unit 90*145 132 120 Back Sealed
8 Unit 110*170 264 60 Back Sealed
16 Unit 150*220 528 30 Back Sealed


Uni-Pak clay desiccant is widely used in precision machinery, instrument, medicine, electric and metal productsandwar-industry products etc.

application of montmorillonite



Bentonite clay’s main chemical component is montmorillonite, which is scalelike and with the color of white,grey,buff, pink, purple etc. It is a natural non-metallic sedimentary or volcanic mineral. Some are with porousstructure,some are hard and brickle, some are soft and satiny. The simplest chemical molecular formula ofmontmorillonite isAl2O3•4SiO2•3H2O, theoretically, it consists of SiO2(66.7%)、Al2O3(25.3%)、H2O(5%). However, itsfactual component ismuch more complicated. Montmorillonite produced at different places is quite different in itscomponents.

Packing Material:

Laminated Non-woven & Tyvek

Two material can be choose:
1.Good breathability;
2.Easy heat-seal;
3.Excellent resistance to dust;

Quality standard:

PRC Military GJB2714-96/USA Military 3464E/DIN55473


Items Unit Index
Color / purple/ white
Granularity mm 0.5~4
Consistency g/l 980
Moisture content ( 170℃ ) % <0.7
PH / 7.0±0.5
25℃ RH=20% % ≥ 12.0
25℃ RH=40% % ≥ 19.2
25℃ RH=80% % ≥ 25.3
Additive / Nil
Calcium Chloride / Nil



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