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TOPSORB is a leading professional manufacturer of container desiccants and integrated supplier of container cargo dry solutions. Topsorb is a comprehensive and large-scale enterprise as one of the few number in the global market , and related to desiccants upstream and downstream industry chains.

Based on its high quality mining resources in Inner Mongolia ,and as well as good relations with local governments ,the masses and leading enterprises. TOPSORB has established a number of bentonite Mine & clay plants. 

Based on strictly controlling the quality of raw materials TOPSORB’s business covers several areas:”raw material mining , desiccant sub-packed, desiccant production ,agent & distribution and desiccant end-users”. From the beginning to the end of the industrial chain, TOPSORB built our global network.

In Shanghai and Tianjin, TOPSORB established modern factories ,Two platform strictly running under ISO9001:2008 quality management system, joining north and south of china, and connecting domestic and international market.

TOPSORB factories with powerful production capacity ,believes in “good product comes from good machine”. With on-site studies and investigations at Japanese, German, American partner’s factories, TOPSORB gives great importance to the selection and investment of high tech machines and professional staff. TOPSORB is proud of its facilities and production technology, which is at a higher level than domestic players.

TOPSORB has fully functional laboratory with high-precision test instruments equipped. All the instruments are strictly measured and verified regularly by official department. It serves for daily routine quality testing of production systems, on the other hand, provides strong technical support to the development of new techniques, new formula, new products.

TOPSORB’s global Network

With unique brand influence in desiccant industry, TOPSORB’s net work has covered the global mainstream markets.

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