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ENVASE Trade Show in Buenos Aires, 2017

The Exhibition Time:Aug 8-11, 2017
The Exhibition Site:Buenos Aires, Argentina
TopSorb Booth No.:445

About ENVASE 2017

The Buenos Aires International Packaging Exhibition, organized by the Argentine Packaging Association, sponsored by the Latin American Packaging Association and the World Packaging Organization, has demonstrated the growing impact of the packaging industry, product design and diversification In all parts of the global market are reflected in the optimization.
The two main purposes of the Argentine International Packaging Exhibition are to provide business opportunities for exhibitors and to inform visitors of the important role that the packaging industry plays in today's society. In addition, the exhibition also provides a solution to the environmental protection, food preservation, labor cost reduction and technological innovation problems arising from modern packaging systems.

TopSorb at Exhibition Fairs

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2. GARMENTECH Trade Shows in Dhaka, 2017

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4. Interpack Trade Show in Dusseldorf, 2017

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TopSorb Hall:07
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